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Emotional Abuse (by @EllaDecember)


I was so touched by this post by Ella, so I had to reblogg. Have a read, share and follow @EllaDecember x

He lied to me, he cheated and he always treated me badly. Somehow he always made me feel like it was my fault. He had this ability to turn my anger at his wrongdoings into my disappointment within myself.

IMG_3039I remember the first out of many times he cheated on me. He told me that I was being crazy and I should not be stalking his social media so much. I noticed a few Instagram likes from a particular girl then it became flirty banter on Twitter. I was suspicious but he assured me I was making it all up and she was just a friend.

He had convinced me that ‘Twitter Girl’ was just a girl from an alternate social media universe that he had never met…

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