Random musings




Dear girl child,

I know you were hurt.
I know you were forced to grow up before your time,
I know you were introduced to pain at an early age,
I know nobody believed you,
I know nobody stood up for you,
I know you were alone in your pain.

Even though you’ve grown,
the abused little girl in you is still trapped,
You know firsthand why the caged bird sings,
and sometimes you still feel his grimy hands crawling all over your skin,
forcing himself on you in the dead of the night.

You still flinch everytime the door opens at night,
You can’t sleep for fear of him invading your dreams or worse your body,
You tremble everytime you see a reminder,
You hold back every time a man comes close to you,
You don’t know how to be comfortable in your own skin,
You no longer see the value of your body,
You’ve forgotten how to hold your temple together.

I know the thought of opening up terrifies you,
I know you have a lot of hate in your heart,
I know you wish it never happened,
I know you wish you’d never been born,
I know you prayed for it to stop,
I know you wish your mum had been your knight,
I know you want to take it all back.

But now it’s too far gone.
There are bruises on your body, heart and memories,
covered in stains you’ll never be able to wash off,
Walking around with a cross on your back.
But here is the good news;

he did not break you,
he did not destroy you,
he will never own you,
he has no power over you.

You have been through the worst,
And now it’s time to heal,
It’s time to trade your ashes for beauty,
It’s time to rise like a Phoenix.

You are on the brink of healing,
All you have to do is let go,
Let forgiveness in,
Let light flow in and fill every dark corner.
You have been through this and that is your strength.
You are a Queen,
You Are Victorious!


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