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Over half of generation X and Y, is plugged in so deep in technology that we are beginning to lose the connection we have with ourselves and with each other too because we’re so engrossed in trying to keep up. 

I told a group of friends I’d planned a day out for myself, to just chill out and spend time with me, and that I wasn’t going to be in contact with anybody all day and they came up with all sorts of questions and gibes about how it was ridiculous and how I was exhibiting the behaviour of a loner. 

But there’s a difference between being alone and spending time alone. I love to share what I’m up to from time to time, I definitely like to spend time and share my life with friends/family just as much as the next person; however I’ve noticed that in this day and age we tend to feel obligated to make ourselves accessible at all times, to overshare and unconsciously become dependent on these routines (perhaps it was the same in the past too, I don’t know). 

But, it’s okay, necessary actually, to have some boundaries in relation to our contact with other people.

It’s okay to leave your Phone, iPad, and or Laptop at home sometimes. It’s okay to unplug your land-line for a while. It’s okay to not check your email today. It’s ok to not post on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Google Plus etc. It’s okay to not answer the door for the Jehovah’s Witness. It’s okay not to go to the party you were invited to.

It’s okay to set these types of boundaries and not feel bad about it or justify it to anyone.

We learned from a young age not to allow peer pressure force us to behave in ways that are not beneficial to ourselves and we teach the younger generation the same thing, yet we tend to think this advice doesn’t apply to adult situations.

The most important person you need to spend time with is yourself, something that a lot of people are scared of, afraid of what they will find inside. But we are not ourselves if we don’t take the time to get to know ourselves. And if we don’t know ourselves, we live a life that serves not necessarily the needs, but the demands, of others.

And that is not being true to self. So take some time out. Disconnect!

Spend time with you. 


7 thoughts on “Disconnect! ”

  1. yea. most people tend to over share these days. and not just on social media with the occasional seemingly random rant. Conversations and hangouts with supposed friends are getting awkward with the constant need to update the virtual world on your activities via photos and too frequently timed status updates.

    lately i’ve been ‘just chilling’ and minding me, because at the end of 3hrs with people, just 30mins will be spent on real meaningful conversations. like the last commenter said, sometimes “take a break from the internet, I promise you won’t die”

  2. Hello,

    Thank you for sharing this well-written post.

    Indeed, “there’s a difference between being alone and spending time alone”

    I recently saw a profound quote- “It’s never to early to learn to take responsibility for one’s own enthusiasm”. Very apt…

  3. Reblogged this on Idea Dibia and commented:

    Take a break from the internet, I promise you won’t die.

    There’s a post in my drafts that was going to talk about taking offline breaks, but this reblogged post is far better than that.

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