Hi, I’m Oyin.

Welcome to my world translated in art form. Through images, words and sound.

I’m a Creative, a Beauty seeker, and an Artist.

Musings of an Heteroclite is an attempt to capture the weird, humorous and sometimes shocking/random conversations with myself, as well as my experiences as I sail through life. You may get to know more about how my brain works.

I am inspired. I want to make something beautiful with my life and this is the first step in that direction. Whatever “job” I may have; whatever project; whatever I find my hands doing. And I guess that is the bottom line – I am an Artist because in essence I have to create.

To create something beautiful in and with my life 🙂

So this space here is where I’ll share my reflections on Creativity, on Art and Life.

I’ve been writing and creating most of my life, but have only recently decided to open up my doors and invite you in. To create this – a Home.

Here is where we’ll journey. Where we’ll finally pick up our pen and place them on the blank pages we call Life. Where we’ll band together to discover and share our Purpose and our Art. Where we find our truest voices and discover how we live that out in our “Today”.

 I hope you’ll join me 🙂

 Peace, Love and Lipstick,

Oyin x


3 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Hi there 🙂

    I loved your post on public displays of annoyance and I really love the way you write!

    Anyway I am writing to say we would love you to become a part of our new site Glipho.

    Glipho is a social publishing engine that also integrates other aspects of social media such as Facebook and Twitter in order to maximise your potential audience.

    It is a brilliant way to promote yourself and using Glipho features such as the ‘insights’ page which gives you statistics as to how many people have visited your page and articles, who has sent you feedback etc. and you are able to see how popular your work is, which is always exciting.

    You really would be a valued member! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. The best part of our site is that it doesn’t effect your current blog either 🙂

    Let me know what you think!

    Kind Regards,


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